Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


01. How early should we arrive?

Arrive at least one hour prior to the race start time to allow parking and check-in.  Hundreds of children will be checking in.  So we suggest that you check in by 10 am to have a pleasant experience.

02. Where do I park?

Street parking is available or you can park in front of the  Caltrain station on California & Burlingame Ave.  
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03. How do I register for the ride?

Online registration is now available
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You may do same-day registration on the corner of Primrose & Bellevue starting at 9 am on the day of the event.
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04. Is there an entry fee?

No. This is a free event.
However, tax deductible donations to Ryan’s Fund are highly encouraged.
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05. Where do I check in on the day of the ride?

You must check in at the registration booth on the corner of Primrose & Bellevue by 10 am.  All riders (including those already registered online) must sign a release form; get a number; and turn in their pledges. 

Visit Ride Details for more info.

06. Do I still need to check in if I previously registered online?

Yes, all riders (including those already pre-registered online) must check in at the registration booth, turn in pledges, on the corner of Primrose & Bellevue.
Those who have registered online will be able to check in faster than those who opt for same day registration.
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07. Where can I park the kids’ bikes?

Kids' bike parking is available pre- and post-ride at the start and finish lines.

08. How long is one lap?

It is approximately 0.4 mile long.
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09. What is the age requirement to participate in Ryan's Ride?

Those who are 12 or under, and who can ride a trike, bike (with or w/o training wheels), balance bike or a big wheel, can participate in the Ryan's Ride.  Scooters, strollers, wagons and skateboards are not allowed for this Ride. No adults are allowed to ride on the course.

10. How is safety ensured during the Ride?

There will be many course marshals at each race.  They will monitor the entire course ensuring the safety of the racers, kids and spectators.  Most of these course marshals are avid racers and are familiar with the safety of the course.  The young riders will be spread out accordingly.  We also will have a EMT on site.

11. Are parents allowed to be on the course during the Ride?

Parents are welcomed to walk  be on the course but only either at the start or finish.  If your child need to be pushed, it would be best for you and your child to be at the back of the group. We discourage parents from walking alongside their children as it presents a safety hazard for the riders behind them.  If a parent absolutely needs to walk within the course, walk only on the gutter side of the course. Adults are not allowed to ride on the course.

Safety is our number one priority and we will have adult marchals on the race course to monitor safety.

12. Can kids ride without a helmet?

Absolutely not!  We need to ensure the safety of your child.  Helmets are mandatory for our insurance requirement too.  No helmet, no ride.

13. Are wagons, scooters, strollers allowed on the course?

No. Only balance bikes, trikes (push-bars are fine), big wheels and bicycles (training wheels are fine) are allowed.

14. What are the prizes?
At the finish line, each child will receive a medal, ribbon and a frozen pop.
In addition, the first 300 kids who check-in on the day of the race will also receive goody bags, subject to availability.

Check out our prizes for top fundraisers.

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01. What is Ryan's Fund?

The Ryan Phua Memorial Fund (Ryan's Fund) is established through the LIVESTRONG Foundation to fund cancer related programs in the Bay Area.
Click here for more information.
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02. How can I donate?

Click here for donation information.
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01. What is there to do after the ride?

There will be free entertainment for the young champions after the rise. There are plenty of delicious places to have lunch in Downtown Burlingame. Or you can go for a picnic in nearby Washington Park.


01. What volunteer opportunities are there and how do I sign up to volunteer for the ride?

Click here for more information.
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01.  What is the Burlingame Criterium?

This race has been one of the most popular races in the Bay Area since 1987.  The Burlingame Criterium is cancelled in 2018 due to road constructions.

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