Our Journey

Losing a child is the worst loss.  Your child maybe the only one who will receive your unconditional love.  When a child dies so suddenly with an undetermined cause, the parents start a journey of emotional isolation since many of their friends and families will acknowledge the loss to be unimaginable.  How can we share our grief when those around us cannot relate or when we don't even know where this journey will take us?  During those early years of grief, we experienced a mixture of shock, anger, pain, sadness and the range of emotions is never ending.  We incorporate that loss in our everyday life. We have a choice whether to self-destruct, or to learn to survive with grace and courage.  We have chosen the latter, and we try our best to live that way daily.  Some may see our faces and think we have returned to normal, but they simply cannot see that our hearts are forever wounded. (Written by Michele in 2004)